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Patanjalis Yoga Sutras 

21st July 

This is for anyone who wishes to have a greater understanding of the Yoga Sutras from an academic, practical and philosophical point of view.

196 sutras of information about practice, reality, yoga, powers and perfection. 

Deepen your understanding of this very influential text in Eastern and Western yoga systems.

 Learn about specific sutras and their importance in the yoga system of Patanjali.

Understand the cultural context in which the sutras were compiled.

Engage in a philosophical debate about the validity of the system and its relevance to modern-day life. 

Expand your practice  - Raja Yoga


Very limited places for intimate dialogue.

Lunch included. 

8am - 4pm

Be a part of a community that is encouraged to question.

Receive discounts on Retreats in India during March.

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