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200 HOUR



15 day intensive 


This is a rounded and complete training that will give you the tools to teach Yoga in the west. Its sole intention is to leave teachers with a solid framework they can use in classes to deliver a thorough and effective yoga experience. There is an emphasis on communicating the philosophy in practical ways. We believe that the knowledge and application of this knowledge will lead to Yoga.  

There is a formatted framework for the Humble Warrior classes as well as other key elements integrated into the class to give the students the tools to practice yoga off the mat. The spiritual, physical and mental sides of yoga are all covered and developed as students progress and become more familiar with key yogic concepts. 

Although the classes are often dynamic you will be totally free to play with the framework to deliver what you feel will be the most effective experience for your students in the class. The levels can easily be adapted to accommodate any class and the method can be taught as something very soft or something very strong, spiritually, mentally

and physically.

You will learn about the core principles of the method and key ways in which you can teach them and have them implemented into the lives of your students. There will be daily asana practices, meditations and chanting as well as philosophy. Anatomy, assisting and harmonium modules will be delivered through our the course throughout the course. 

You will leave the course with a set of tools to teach. You will have a framework to use to put them into practice as you head back out into the world. 

The practices of Bhakti Yoga (our predominant yogic philosophy on this training) are very close to our hearts and HW want to spread the chanting of the sutras, lines from the Bhagavad Gita and the different names of love as far and as wide as possible. We shall be gifting each student on this training a harmonium so they can take what they have learnt back home and start spreading the word of love. 

This a training for those who want to become ​teachers of a high standard or for those who are willing to expand by deepening their spiritual understanding. This is not a retreat or yoga holiday, this is a training. 

What will get covered on the training


  • How to chant and lead the chanting of sutras and bhajans

  • Sequencing, aliments, anatomy, safe practice

  • Vinyasa krama (vinyasa yoga)

  • Yoga philosophy from a bhakti perspective 

  • Meditation and meditation techniques 

  • The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads

  • Assisting, adjusting and interfering

  • Bhakti practices 

  • The 4 main yogas and their importance.

  • The kriyas 

  • Teaching styles

  • The importance of mental, physical and spiritual shift

  • How to lead and construct robust classes

  • How to hold space for yourself and your students​

  • What is meant by consciousness

  • What is Reality

  • The science of spiritual practices, prayer, asana, meditation, mantra

Whether you are looking to become a well rounded and thorough teacher or looking to inform yourself more about yoga and the most direct paths to there' then you need to look no further. Learn how to liberate others. 

The teaching faculty have decades of lived experience of these practices and have studied under many great yogis of our time. They have studied the ancient texts and done Sādhanā (spiritual practice) daily as a way of life. Their easy to understand and convolutional approach to sharing these teachings leads students to understand more about it and therefore spread the understanding further.

Charlie Kelly is the lead teacher for this training. His deeply caring but questioning approach stimulates the mind and encourages you to look within for all answers. His simple and powerful mantra " let go, let God" sums up his whole approach to life that gets reiterated at the heart of all the spiritual text. His path has led him to wander India which taught him that it is all is within us already. 

Kate Lister with her wealth of experience in practicing yoga on and off the mat will be a co-facilitator and delving into the asana, movement, voice and philosophy. Having been on the path for coming up to 20 years there is not much Kate has not seen. With her open heart, loving approach and sweet voice Kate brings grace to the team that can not be matched. Enquiring many approaches over the years she has settled on her understanding that the best way to approach yoga is to be here now.

Radhika Das has been on the Bhakti path his whole life. Being brought up in a family of Bhaktas he knows the practices like the back of his hand. 10 years ago he took stock of his spiritual life and the practices he was brought up on and broke away from his heritage to follow the teaching of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada where her found all her was looking for. Radhika Das will be facilitating the bhakti philosophy, teaching the harmonium lessons and teaching by doing. a real spiritual master among us. 


Two years of regular yoga practice, A letter outlining your intentions for taking this training and a synopsis of the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras or Bhakti Sutras. 






coming soon 



Shared Rooms or single rooms for an extra £350 fee


Travel from New Delhi airport can be arranged. The transfer is usually £40 each way.



£2,500 LATE BIRDS.

You can place your £500 deposit down to secure your spot and your future as a Humble Warrior Yoga teacher. Limited spaces for this training.

Join the community of people who want to help others to serve, love and study the Self.


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