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Humble Warrior offers a flagship in-depth 300-hour teacher training. A practical and insightful course that will give the emerging teachers a robust framework to use to help others achieve the benefits of yoga.

Humble Warrior offers a 50-hour teacher top-up for already existing teachers who are looking to deepen their knowledge, have a solid foundation for the class structure and teach a cut above the rest.

Humble Warrior offers a 3-weekend philosophy immersion for students and teachers who want to know more and want to be able to make it practical.   

Deepening understandings of Patanjalis Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and dualism. Explorations into Consciousness and Reality. A one day enquiry.  

With top facilitators in their fields on the faculty, you will be entering into a community of deep spiritual seekers who have found the experience of yoga in their practice and wish to share it with others. 

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