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Consciousness and Reality 

28th July 

This is for anyone who has some understanding of yoga philosophy and wishes to explore more of reality. 


This one-day enquiry aims to set in motion contemplation into the nature of Reality and reality. 

Through the lens of yoga, we will examine some of the great philosophical metaphysics and how these theories have sculpted our cultures and beliefs.  

We will examine Patanjali's understanding of existence and how this developed with Vedanta. 

Throughout the day, the topics of dualism and non-dualism will be explored, along with how these can affect our yoga practice.

It will also touch on the fundamentals of consciousness and pose the question of whether consciousness is reductionist or emergent. 

Reality from a Vedanta perspective will all be examined 

Expand your mind - Jnana Yoga


Very limited places for intimate dialogue.

Lunch included. 

8am - 4pm

Be a part of a community that is encouraged to question.

Receive discounts on Retreats in India during March.

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