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Ashram Yoga Retreat in India with Humble Yoga Warrior London




22nd March -5th April 2025, India

This two-week Ashram Yoga Pilgrimage is in the holy city of Vrindavan. This unique experience will leave you open up, full of love and connected to that stillness within if you can let go into Love. The two-week retreat is a slower pace for those fortunate enough to have time to deepen their practice. 

For those who are really looking to develop their practice of Love and Devotion.

Humble Warrior invites you to this Ashram Yoga retreat in Vrindavan, where Krishna is said to have lived. To immerse yourself in the mood of Love and see through the material world's veil.


This is a Bhakti-focused Jivamukti retreat.  Bhakti (devotion),  Jnana (discernment),  Asana (postures),  Karma (service), Kirtan (chanting), Dhyana (meditation) and Pranayama (breath) will all be practised over the weeks.

This retreat is at a slower pace than the week-long one. Taking more time to settle into ashram life and explore the surrounding areas while diving into different spiritual practices like chanting, serving, prayer, breathing techniques, learning to play the harmonium, mediation, the kartals (bells), learning the bhajans (songs), diving into the philosophy of Love from a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. The longer stay will provide more time to study with daily philosophy lectures, chats, and chants and more opportunities to ask the Guru any questions. 

This retreat falls over the Holi festival period. It is a very colourful time to be in Vrindavan. The ashram often gets full during this period, so if you wish to join, get booked sooner rather than later. 


Reconnect to your inner stillness and fill yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically with various yoga tools. Connect to your body, soul, and breath and return to Self. Fill your heart with love, and let the practices do the rest.


Ashram life will immerse you in a loving, family-feeling community with bhakti practices many times a day. The ashram will provide you with three veggie meals a day. AC rooms are available for an additional cost. 


Vrindavan is one of the most devoted cities in the world. For well over 70 years, the Maha Mantra (the Hare Krishna mantra) has been chanted 24 hours a day.

There will be a complete program to choose from. Take advantage of as much or as little as you like. Aarti several times a day, a yoga class daily, dharma talks from the resident guru, karma yoga, philosophy with Charlie, pilgrimages to other ashrams and temples.

Charlie Kelly, a Humble Warrior teacher, will lead the retreat with the help of the ashram's friends and devotees.


Early bird (Shared Occupancy)- £750
Early bird (Single Occupancy) - £960 

2nd release (Shared Occupancy)- £850 
2nd release (Single Occupancy)- £1060

3rd release (Shared Occupancy) £950
3rd release (Single Occupancy)- £1160

4th release (Shared Occupancy) £1000

4th release (Single Occupancy)- £1210

A £200 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot. The balance is to be paid in full 2 months before the retreat. Payment plans are available for a small extra cost. 

If you wish to stay longer or arrive earlier, please let us know, and we can arrange it for you.



Booking: Email us for more details -



- Yoga / Meditation/ Japa/ Chanting
- Arti

- Chai
- Breakfast

- Trips to ashrams and temples 
- Lunch (included if you are at the ashram)
- Philosophy  and chanting

- Free time to explore or take on a trip
- Dinner (included if you are at the ashram)
- Relaxation time



-Talks and philosophy classes
-Ashram and Temples in Vrindavan
-3 vegetarian meals a day (we hope you enjoy rice and curry)
-Asana practices
-Japa mala (manta meditation beads)
-Idle chit-chat

-GOD contemplation and investigation
-Festival day

-Exploration of Vrindavan's lesser-known spots

-Time with the Guru 

-Seva around the temple

-Deeper exploration into the traditions of yoga

-Philosophies about Reality, consciousness, Love and God

-Transfers from and to New Delhi Airport



-Harmonium lessons
-Trips to Radha Kund
-Trips to Govadam Hill
-Aarti on the river
-Meals out
-Vedic Astrology readings

Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” ― Baba Ram Dass

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